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Why S.K.A.B. Metal Group?

S.K.A.B. Metal Group has always been a franchising company, relying on our franchisees, or owner/operators, to play a major role in the company’s success. S.K.A.B. Metal Group remains committed to franchising as a predominant way to do business. Owning a S.K.A.B. Metal Store is a tremendous opportunity. We look for highly qualified people with significant business experience and financial resources, who have successfully owned or managed multiple business units or led multiple departments.


World Class Training

Our company system is built on the premise that S.K.A.B. Metal Group can only be as successful as our owner/operators. We believe in a partnering relationship with our owner/operators, suppliers and employees. It all begins with world class training. We believe our training program is the best in the industry, focused on preparing operations experts to provide outstanding customer experiences every day.


Program highlights include:

  • Seminars, conferences, one-on-one training sessions
  • Success based on competency
  • Operator training classes conducted by local training professionals
  • Send prices for software updates from the company on behalf of
  • Help Agents and potential customer in the areas they represent
  • Grant a special commission from each sale to each of the agencies' ratings based on table chart
  • Agents may help pay for participation in exhibitions and trade fairs for up to 20% of  the cost 

World Class Service

As a franchisee, S.K.A.B. Metal Group field operations and franchising staff work directly with you from the moment you enter the training program. Their primary job is to prepare you to maximize quality, service and cleanliness in order to help optimize sales and profits.
S.K.A.B. Metal Group provides extensive support with marketing and advertising. Our award-winning advertising has global reach. To continually maintain and take advantage of our leadership position, each store is required to spend a minimum of 4% of gross sales annually on advertising and promotion.


System Support


Being a S.K.A.B. Metal Group's owner/operator offers many advantages - from the training and support of a solid organization, to the opportunity to own a thriving, successful business.

The benefits:

Own your own business and reap the rewards that come from being responsible for your own success. With S.K.A.B. Metal Group's unique approach to training and support, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The tools to help you in your business: local and national support in the areas of operations, training, advertising, marketing, human resources, real estate, construction, purchasing, and equipment purchasing and maintenance. To be responsive to your needs and support a collaborative business environment, S.K.A.B. Metal Group maintains regional offices throughout Canada along with our home office in Toronto, Ontario.
The enjoyment that comes from working with people, from your store crew to your customers and community.

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