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Our company which is actively involved in the internationally gas and petroleum market is welcoming cooperation and business with buyers, sellers and brokers from all over the world. S.K.A.B. Metal Group Corporation trades have a global reach and it does business with the most advanced markets in the world. This network of the counties include: Australia, Brazil, Cote D’Ivoire, China, India, UAE, Egypt, Japan, Nigeria, France, United Kingdom, United States, Tanzania and Ghana. We offer refined oil products with strict preconditions, Gasoline, Mogas, Bitumen, Kerosene ( Heating oil), Aqua IboeLight (Nigeria) , M100 ( Mazut) , Diesel Fuel ( D2 , AGO , Gasoil, petrodiesel ) , Fateh ( Dubai ), Tijuana Light ( Venezuela), Forties Blend, Kuwait Blend, Minas ( Indonasia) , Saharan Blend ( Argeria) ,, Forcedos (Nigeria) , Agbami ( Nigeria) , Lion Crude, Canadian par, and etc.
Also, our company offers a very competitive prices, best services, and exceptional commodities. We do business through Letter of Credit from the Bank and would take pleasure in having good business with other companies.
Our company Is a very reputed company based in Toronto, Canada, established in 2011 . Our company is involved in trading general items mostly like cement, limestone, clinker, steel pellets, granite, fertilizers, pet coke, oil products, detergents , rice, sugar and Garments. Most of our products are superior quality, manufactured and made from the best manufacturers and suppliers. We trade them to the global markets with a team of enthusiastic individuals trying their best to expand business ideas and relationships around the globe.
This long commitment produced a special trust between the US manufactures/ exporters and the Arab buyers and our team of experts.

Some of the services S.K.AB.Metal Group offers :

Searching suitable Canada and US products for marketing and distribution in the North America ,Middle East , Europe and Asia.

  • Looking for suitable buyers in the target area who are qualified and equipped to handle this business.
  • Assisting in trade shows, in dispute resolution and establishing healthy business environment between the parties.
  • Building a large network of buyers, sellers, manufacturers, distributors and marketing specialists.
  • The international market has dramatically changed in the last 10 years due to the latest technology of the internet and the latest methods of communication world-wide.
  • Handling all international banking transactions and documentations.
  • Conducting research, feasibility study, business and marketing plans.
  • Creating a system of labeling requirements, display and creative design for special product.
  • Establishing advertising and public relations in harmony with the traditions and culture of the region.
  • Finding innovative methods of shipping, insurance and clearance at the port of entry.
  • Negotiating bids, joint-venture partnership, agency formation and contracts.